Soil Disinfection

PDT-Agro is pioneering Pulse Detonation Technology (PDT) as a revolutionary approach to the challenge of effective agricultural Soil Disinfection.

Soil disinfection (Soil Pest Management) is a standard procedure among crop growers throughout the world. Its aim is to prevent distractive influence of soil parasites and pathogens to the crops.

The extermination of the soil pests makes the soil more productive and healthier. Methyl Bromide was the most common treatment. However, its phasing out due to its destructive effect on the ozone layer, based on the 1987 Montreal Protocol, has sent the agricultural sector scurrying to find effective alternatives.



PDT-Agro is confident that PDT provides the required solution and has the potential to capture a leading market position. It is based on a physical phenomenon that imposes high pressure and intensive heat of high values which cannot be reached by any known disinfecting technologies. The cumulative effect of pressure and temperature destroys the soil parasites and pathogens.



PDT is an instant, fully environmentally friendly soil treatment. Unlike other treatments it allows the immediate seeding and planting of the ground, thereby significantly reducing farmers’ expenses, eliminating the time lost between processes and improving and increasing agricultural yields. In addition, it is a revolutionary solution for organic growers that are very limited in the chemicals’ usage of their soil disinfecting methods and will also assist traditional growers in smoothly shifting to organic growing.