Bird control the landfill

Bird control for the landfill is of immense importance as landfills are the perfect hunting grounds for the birds. It not only creates nuisance but poses threat to the people working there and the properties lying around. PDT Agro has now developed a fully functional technology for providing controlled and safe method for repelling birds from the landfills. PDT Agro employs a “Thunder Generator” that generates strong and stunning shock waves. It makes the birds feel uncomfortable the moment they enter the pressure zones and leave the area immediately. This is a sustainable solution too, because, the pressure generated by the “Thunder Generator” has no adverse effect on the birds in the long run.

Traditionally, gas cannons were in use in bird control for the landfill. But, since gas cannons only produce intensive noise, birds soon get used to it and feel no threat from the noise. But the “Thunder Generator” developed by PDT Agro creates strong pressure waves and the noise produced is just the by-product. Birds feel the pressure the moment they enter the field and leave the place. Although the change in pressure is only a few pounds per square foot, sudden and fast change of air pressure causes the birds to panic and lose orientation. As a result, they immediately go away.



PDT Agro’s “Thunder Generator” develops shock waves that travel over long distances. Installation and maintenance of the system is easy as the cannons have no moving parts. Time between the shots can be adjusted within 0.5 second and it starts working within 20-30 seconds of start. The wave intensity, coverage area and other shock wave parameters can be controlled as per your requirement. These settings are fully programmable as well.

The design of the “Thunder Generator” is also very effective because of its precise 3-axis moving barrel system that makes targeting within a wide perimeter quite easy. Depending on the coverage area you can install multiple cannons. You can control the system with a remote and the operation is completely safe and hassle free.

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