Bird control for the fish pond

Bird control for the fish pond is a complicated process because open-water areas having large concentrations of fish faces threat from not only birds but other wildlife that eat fish. However, birds are more difficult to control in a safe and efficient way, and if no control methods are used, it can have a significant economic impact. To tackle this nuisance, PDT Agro has developed a unique equipment, a “Thunder Generator” that generates shock waves causing a pressure field around the cannon. The moment a bird comes near the system it feels uncomfortable due to the pressure and goes away.

This fully programmable and remote controlled equipment starts working immediately and repels the birds away within 20-30 seconds. Many of the birds that pose threat to the fish are endangered species and “Thunder Generator” has been developed keeping in view of that fact. The system is completely safe for the birds and causes no long-term adverse effect on them. The effect goes away the moment the bird goes out of the pressure shock range. For bird control for the fish pond which is quite large, you can have synchronized multiple units to cover the entire area.

As the “Thunder Generator” developed by PDT Agro for bird control f can be customized depending on the requirement, you can program the shock wave parameters for the best results. There are some birds that invade the fish pond during daytime but some other species and large mammal predators prey during night time. You can set the system irrespective of their hunting patterns and keep it on round-the-clock. The cost of the system is low and it is easy and cheap to maintain. The operations are hassle free and anyone can be trained to set and run the system.

For a safe and effective bird control for the fish pond system talk to PDT Agro immediately.