Bird control for different agriculture solutions

Every spring farmers across the country embark in the perennial battle again—against birds. Controlling pest birds is one of the biggest challenges farmers face every year and attack by pest birds is one of the main reasons for crop failure and economic loss. However, now you can forget all these by simply installing “Thunder Generator”, developed by PDT Agro, which is a safe and controlled method to keep away birds from your firm, orchard, vineyards, gardens, seed and crops, grain and grass and much more.

“Thunder Generator” is an effective agricultural bird control product that scares away pest birds by creating a shock wave around. It is much better than the traditional gas cannons that produce noise to scare away birds. But, it has been observed that the birds very soon become used to the noise and ignore it and attack the fields as usual. But, “Thunder Generator” creates a pressure difference around the area and the birds cannot escape the uncomfortable sensation they feel while entering the field. As a result, they fly away immediately to get out of the shock wave range.

The system has been carefully designed by PDT Agro after thorough research and field study to ensure that the shock wave does not have any long-term or detrimental effect on the birds’ health. Therefore it is completely safe and legal to use it around the farm for bird control.

“Thunder Generator” is a simple system and therefore easy to install. It has no moving parts and quite low on maintenance. The shock wave parameters can be programmed as per your specific requirements and you can control it with the help of a remote control. So, the entire operation becomes hassle free and convenient when you have a large farm to protect from pest birds. Multiple units can be installed in sync to cover a wide area.

Low cost and easy maintenance make it quite appealing to the farm owners and easy operations make the running cost really low. For a complete bird control solution, talk to PDP Agro today and enjoy the benefits in the long run.