Bird control for barns

Birds in and around barns, livestock or poultry farms and farm buildings cause great damage and develop unhygienic working conditions. To stop birds from consuming and contaminating food grains and water and, at the same time, transmitting diseases to poultry and livestock you must have an effective bird control for barns system in place. PDT Agro now has a great solution for barn owners in the form of a “Thunder Generator”, which is much more than the traditional gas cannons that produce noise to scare away birds. As opposed to gas cannons, “Thunder Generator” produces safe and controlled shock wave causing pressure differences in the area around. Birds entering the area instantly feel the pressure and leave it immediately.

The system has been developed after years of research and real life experiments and it is completely safe and easy to operate. The pressure waves do not have any long-term health hazard on the birds and therefore much responsible towards the environment and its sustainability.

For covering a large barn, multiple synchronized units of “Thunder Generator” can be installed. As it keeps the birds away, you are saved from the hassles of cleaning the accumulated messy droppings that corrode farm equipment and make the place look dirty and unhygienic. Bird nests often choke the drains and gutters and birds may also cause more damages by destroying insulation. You can get rid of all these by installing “Thunder Generator” designed by PDT Agro.

“Thunder Generator” has been designed after carefully going through the laws protecting birds and therefore you would never face any legal action for installing it around your barn for bird control. The system works effectively for every barn, irrespective of the species of birds invading it, their size, behavior and habits.

For installation and other necessary information on “Thunder Generator”, talk to the experts at PDT Agro today.