Bird Control Solution

PDT Agro developed the technology is providing a CONTROLLED and SAFE method for generating strong stunning shock waves. Difference between “Thunder Generator” and well known gas cannons is the presence of Shock Waves in the former. All scare bird gas cannons only produce intensive noise, while “Thunder Generator” produces Shock Waves, and noise is only a by-product.

Bird repelling videos

Pulse Detonation Technology (PDT) takes advantage of the gas dynamics and thermodynamic processes associated with detonative combustion. The technology is based upon the rapid combustion via a detonation wave of a pre-mixed fuel/oxidizer mixture. The detonation produces a high pressure and temperature reservoir of combustion products. Once the high-pressure combustion products have expanded, the process is repeated in a rapid, cyclical manner, producing a quasi-steady flow of high pressure and temperature products.

Although the gas detonation is well known, there are very few engineers with the required level of knowledge to develop operating systems. As a result, until now the identification of truly economic applications has been difficult. We have the knowledge and the prior field experience in real industrial applications.

The vision is to utilize PDT to offer a system which is totally safe and in which the detonation process is completely controlled, with full reliability, economic cost and low maintenance. PDT Agro develops applications for agriculture sector, environmentally friendly soil disinfection machine and bird control system. Thunders Generators are produced by company successfully used by farmers to protect their field and keep yield from pest birds. Security and defence it’s the new application field of PDT that company has developed.